How Can I Help?

I love this book!
What can I do to help?


1. Buy SPILLWORTHY or buy it for a friend.

2. Click the like button on SPILLWORTHY’s Amazon page.

2. On Amazon, find a review you like and click “Yes” to the question, “Was this review helpful to you?”

3. On Goodreads, put SPILLWORTHY in your stack and give it some stars.

4. Comment on blog posts, tweets, G+, and Facebook--especially leading up to and during release week!

5. Tweet to @johannaharness about the book, especially as you’re reading.

6. On Amazon, click on “tags people associate with this product.” The more tags & clicks, the better.

7. Join Johanna’s mailing list!

8. Like Johanna’s author page on Facebook and repost things you like.


1. Write a short review and post it everywhere: Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Shelfari, Facebook, G+, etc.

2. Take part in the Catch & Release party. Repost pictures of the book being released. Talk to others about the book on Twitter or Facebook.


1. Write a longer book review and post it on your blog or your Facebook page.

2. Host the author on your blog during release month.

3. Drop off bookmarks at your local library.

4. Attend one of Johanna’s book signing or workshops.

Even More Committed

1. Recommend SPILLWORTHY to your librarian.

2. Ask your local book store if they have SPILLWORTHY in stock.

3. If you know someone with influence in your community (librarians, teachers, book reviewers), pass your copy of the book on to them.

4. Suggest reading SPILLWORTHY in your own book club!

5. Design an artistic quote or create fan art. Post it to Tumblr with #spillworthy tag!

 Join the Spillworthy group to get more ideas! 

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