Praise for Spillworthy

“I really love this book. It has all kinds of crowd appeal and it’s topical for now… It’s real and important.” — J. R. Barnes

“Johanna Harness’ Spillworthy is a sweet, addictive read. It’s every young bookworm’s dream, creating that magical coziness we all look for.” — Z. Cranmer

“I have the same feeling reading Spillworthy as I had when I read These Is My Words. Both books  grabbed me by the lapels, and would not let go.” — J. M. Strother, founder of FridayFlash

“Each of the characters has a strong, singular personality and voice. Their points of view add up to an unbeatable novel. They make me want to hide a journal in the woods too.” — J. C. Rosen

“I connected with the characters, recognizing why some became the way they were, without ever having gone to that dark place myself.” — A. Brown

Spillworthy validates kids’ feelings and empowers them. This book cuts across class lines and expectations. A must read for kids and parents alike.” — C. A. Fuller

“I like the personalities of the characters. The book is filled with adventures. If you like The Penderwicks, you’ll like this book.” — Ivy E. 

“All the characters in Spillworthy feel like real people. They’re not perfect, but they’re always strong enough to do important things—even when they’re scared.” Virginia A.

“The book and I are best friends now.” — Ally K.

“This book rocks! It’s a great story for anybody who loves writing.” Paul G.

"The story is laid out like breadcrumbs. It begins very small. The way it’s written prevents you from zooming out and seeing the bigger picture. It keeps you hanging on. One more page. One more, one more. Right until the very end." — L. Steenvoorden

"This novel reminds me of To Kill a Mockingbird; the kids are of about the same age, and sometimes the tone is similar. Then again, it's something completely different, something not attempted before, both in style and form."  — Mariam Kobras, author of The Stone Trilogy

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