Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Catch & Release

If you find a tagged book, please leave a comment!

If the book you find isn't here yet, please check back! It will be here soon. :)

In SPILLWORTHY, the main characters release words into the world to be read by others. In that spirit, we're having a Catch & Release Party to celebrate the release of this book into the world.

Starting May 1st, tagged copies of the book will be released into the wild at various places around the world.

Tagged Book #001, Released by Zehra, 

May 2, 2014, Horniman Gardens, London

Number #1 of @johannaharness 's book Spillworthy has been released 
& can be found near the Extreme exhibition in the @hornimanmuseumgardens ! Happy reading!

Tagged Book #002, Released by Linnie, May 11, 2014,

on the train from Groningen to The Hague.

Released on the train from Groningen to The Hague, wagon 9545, first class upstairs.

Tagged Book #003, Released by Mariam, May 2, 2014, Germany

"I gave my copy to my best friend's daughter Connie, 
who is a Middle Grade English teacher, because I think that 
Spillworthy belongs in every school library, and in classrooms."

Book Released by Johanna, May 5, 2014, Florence, Oregon

Copy of Spillworthy released at Periwinkle Station in Florence, Oregon. Ask for it at the counter! 

Tagged Book #005, Released by April, May 11, 2014, Kentucky

My thoughts for my releasable copy of Spillworthy were for a special neighbor.
As for the young neighbor, she is enjoying the novel, 
and looking forward to finishing it and sharing it with friends.

Tagged Book #006, Released by MaryBeth, May 6, 2014, Howell, New Jersey

Book 006 has been released at a Starbucks in Howell, NJ!

Book Released by Ezzie, May 4, 2014, Cambridge, Massachusetts

"SPILLWORTHY by @johannaharness instills hope.  
Released in front of Cambridge City Hall. #homeless #youth"  --Ezzie

Tagged Book #007, Released by James, May 4, 2014, Atlanta, GA

This Spillworthy was released in Atlanta, Georgia. This is at Pinckneyville Sports Park. 

From +James Huskins: "That would be #Spillworthy numbered release 007 :D 
Props to +Johanna Harness  for the spy grooviness !! My name is Worthy, Spillworthy." 

"Look for the MG'ers playing baseball near the flag pole. #Spillworthy007. It won't last long." 

Tagged Book #008, Released by Carla, May 2, 2014, Helena, Montana

Tagged Book #009, Released by Kristina, May 1, 2014, Jamaica

Tagged Book #009
"Your copy is in the possession of our lovely bartender, Amay. 

She started reading it but is giving it to her niece, Janeesa. 

It may never leave the island, but it will be passed to many, many Jamaicans."  ~Kristina

Tagged Book #010, Released by Kristina, May 2, 2014, Atlanta, Georgia

"Due to a change in itineraries, book 10 was released not in Brooklyn, NY, but the Atlanta, GA airport. 
So who knows exactly where Spillworthy #10 will land?"  --Kristina

Tagged Book #011, Released by John, May 5, 2014, Beaverton, Oregon

Spillworthy #11, released to the info kiosk inside Cedar Hills Crossing, in Beaverton, Oregon, near Powell's Bookstore.

Tagged Book #012, Released by Taylor, May 9, 2014, Texas

Spillworthy #12 released in Texas, to Taylor’s favorite teacher, Mrs. Elkins.  Awesome.

Tagged Book #14, Released by Elizabeth, May 5, 2014, Wilmington, North Carolina

Released along the Riverwalk in downtown Wilmington, NC--near the Best Western!

Tagged Book #016, Released by Sara, May 5, 2014, Ithaca, New York

"#16 released into the cultivated wilds of Ithaca, NY. 
After I took this photo, I tucked the book between Virginia Woolf and Annie Proulx."  --Sara 

Tagged Book #017, Released by Angie, May 10, 2014, Reading, PA

Spillworthy #17 has been released! It's at the Goggleworks community art center in Reading, PA.

Tagged Book #018, Released by Linda, May 7, 2014, Rochester, MI

As a participant in the "Catch and Release" project, I released my copy of SPILLWORTHY in the RARA recreational center in Rochester, MI. The Rochester Avon Recreational Authority is a hub of activity for adults, teens and children. The building is home to the main office and the dance studios, and has two rooms with tables for students (and their siblings) to do homework while waiting for dance classes. They are teeming with kids just about every day. While I was taking this photo, there was a young lady watching me with great curiosity, and I have a feeling that, the moment I walked away, she would be checking out the book I left behind. I hope that she, or whoever takes the book home, will log in to Spillworthy.com and report that it's been caught!

Tagged Book #019, Released by Marty, May 6, 2014, Snellville, Georgia

Emory Eastside Medical Center, Snellville, GA.

Tagged Book #21, Released on behalf of Shari, May 11, 2014, Stonehenge, U.K.

At Stonehedge. Spillworthy Released In coffee shop.

Tagged Book #22, Released by Johanna, May 1, 2014, Boise, Idaho

This copy was left by the statue I affectionately call, "The Big Lincoln."

We left it there around 7pm and I tweeted, sent a message on Facebook, and also posted on G+.  

When we returned two hours later, it was gone.

This is so much fun!  Happy reading!

Tagged Book #23, Released by Johanna, May 2, 2014, Bend, Oregon

Today is the first day of the Spillworthy road trip.  

I consulted my twitter followers and we decided Bend, Oregon was the right place.

Book Released by Johanna, May 4, 2014, Newport, Oregon

Book #25 Released by Johanna, May 5, 2014, Newport, Oregon

This book was released at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, Oregon.

The finder of this book checked in on g+.  She will re-release. Yay!

Book #26 Released by Johanna, May 7, 2014, Newport, Oregon

Released copy of #Spillworthy at Yaquina Head Visitor Center. It was gone before I could get this posted. Awesome because a middle grade kid took it to a ranger not even a minute after we'd left the room. I heard the ranger's explanation: "It's a way of sharing books! Kind of like a geocache." Parent and daughter were both happy. Me too.

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